hardy + strong

artist in residence 2003

Hardy + Strong is a creative partnership between Charmaine Hardy and Simon Strong.

Their body of work, created over the last five years, consists primarily of the digital composition and manipulation of photographs into large, detailed works.

As working professionals in the field of graphic design, Hardy + Strong's artistic endeavours are highly influenced by popular culture and commercial imagery. Drawing from interests in fashion photography, film & television and print advertising as well as high design and fine art, the duo continues to explore and interpret received cultural stereotypes through their artwork.

Whether drawing on their own personal cultural reactions, or being inspired by current social issues, Hardy + Strong also seek to invite the viewer to form their own opinions and narratives of the work.

Charmaine Hardy and Simon Strong are both graduates of Swinburne School of Design (now Swinburne National School of Design). As well as collaborating as Hardy + Strong, they both have their own freelance design practices.

In Melbourne they are represented by Span Galleries. Hardy + Strong continue to work and exhibit together while engaging in individual creative projects.