lisa roet

artist in residence 2005

Lisa is a leading Australian contemporary artist whose practice since the mid-1990s has focused upon primates and their relationship to human beings. Driven by a deep respect and fascination for these animals, her work encompasses large-format drawing, sculptural installation, bronze casting, photography, digital print and video and more recently, stained-glass leadlighting.

Although based in Melbourne, Lisa’s practice has incorporated residencies in some of the world’s leading zoos including Zoo Atlanta, USA (1996 and 1997), Berlin Zoo, Germany (1997), Antwerp Zoo, Belgium (1999), and Kuala Lumpur Zoo, Malaysia (2000), and the Language Research Centre at Georgia University, USA (1997). These residencies have incorporated contact time with primates at each institution, directly informing the drawings, photographs and sculptural works produced. Lisa’s work is represented in numerous collections in Australia and internationally. In 2003 she was winner of the National Sculpture Prize at the National Gallery of Australia and the Mornington Peninsular Drawing Award.