fan dongwang

artist in residence 2005

Fan Dongwang's artwork includes paintings and sculptures that examine cultural ambiguity through the visual representation of computer-generated objects. Descendants are living creatures that resemble mechanical parts or children’s toys. They have been given marks of “heads, eyes, mouths, arms, legs and tails” which project an animate quality to fabricate the unidentifiable autonomous being. The constructed beings thus may be akin to the insect/bird/fish/human/machine hybrids that represent a kind of futuristic creature.

These objects are the descendants of artistic imagination and technological manipulation. The objects are surrounded by the background flowers taken from traditional Chinese brocade patterns. The objects are presented in a diverse and fluid environment to portray a balance between the beauty and disturbance, certainty and ambiguity

Fan Dongwang’s work is becoming increasingly collectable, Artbank purchased two major paintings for their collection in 2004.