cathy blanchflower artwork

cathy blanchflower

The extraordinary abstract paintings by Cathy Blanchflower resonate with colour and vibrate with layers of patterning. She draws on a rich heritage of art history, from the sinuous curls and luscious colours and patterning of William Morris and the art and craft movement, Islamic tiling, through to the hard edge and op-art of the 1960s. When viewed from afar her paintings appear to have mathematically and almost computer generated perfection, but much closer inspection rewards the viewer with their very painterly surface of brush strokes, tiny smudges and splatters.

Cathy Blanchflower was born in 1971 in the UK, and migrated to Australia in 1972. She lived in Perth for several years, graduating from Curtin University in 1992. Cathy moved to Melbourne in 2004, before settling in the Blue Mountains in NSW for several years, and in 2017 moved back to Perth. Her artworks can be found in numerous important collections, including the Art Gallery of WA, Artbank, National Gallery of Australia, University of WA, Wesfarmers, University of Sydney, Murdoch University, and many others.