turner galleries

470 William Street, Northbridge 6003
Western Australia

Tel: 08 9227 1077

General inquiries: info@turnergalleries.com.au
Website: www.turnergalleries.com.au



From October 1999 to February 2006, Turner Galleries was known as The Church Gallery. For most of that time it was located at 264 Stirling Highway, in Claremont Western Australia. In December 2005 it moved to temporary premises, at 452 William Street Northbridge, not far from the city centre, whilst a new gallery space was being prepared.

In March 2007 the gallery relocated and opened with the new name Turner Galleries. The newly refurbished 1920's factory workshop is located at 470 William Street Northbridge, near the corner of Bulwer Street.

Turner Galleries is one of the largest commercial galleries in Perth. In 2016 the huge gallery was divided into three exhibition spaces.  The main gallery now measures 9 x 10.6m, and two smaller gallery spaces measuring approximately 9 x 4m each were created. Delivery, consignment and storage areas are located at the back of the complex, with an office and additional display room at the front.

The Gallery displays a broad range of contemporary art that is unique, challenging, critical and/or experimental. This encompasses painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation, jewellery, and new technologies. The gallery is owned and directed by Helen Turner, and managed and curated by Allison Archer.

Turner Galleries is also home to an innovative artist in residence programme, and its sponsorship group, the Turner Galleries Art Angels Incorporated.


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